How to Build an Affiliate Marketing WebsiteUsing WordPress

We’ll take you step by step through the process of building your own Affiliate Marketing website from the ground up using WordPress!

Step 1. Choose Your Domain Name!

Your domain name represents your online presence. Having a domain name is important in so many ways. Not only does it give your site a professional appearance, but it also increases your brand awareness, builds credibility, search engine ranking… the list goes on! 

PRO TIP: When choosing your domain name, you will notice that there is a drop down with multiple domain “extensions.” We highly suggest going for a .COM domain name! If the domain you are looking for is not available in .COM – a few good alternatives are .CO / .NET / .ORG

If the domain name you are looking for still is not available, we find it useful to add the word “The” to the domain name, use dashes, or a combination of both to achieve obtaining the domain that represents your website. 

Luckily domain names are cheap (about $12.99 per year), so it’s not too expensive to change it if you end up thinking of a better one, or if the domain you originally wanted becomes available at a later time!

Step 2. Get Website Hosting

Once you have a domain name, you will need to get website hosting, in order to “host” your website on the internet. There are tons of hosting providers out there, but we HIGHLY suggest Bluehost! They host over 2 million websites, have one of the easiest platforms to use,  1 click site installations, and much more!

Our #2 Choice: We also suggest siteground for website hosting! They provide a great service and top notch customer support as well!

Step 3. Build Your Website!

Once you have your domain and hosting, its time to start building your website! You will absolutely NEED Elementor! We can’t stress this enough. Sure, there are other drag and drop wordpress site builders out there (or you can custom code your own site), however, in our opinion, nothing comes close to Elementor. Best of all, it’s FREE!